manufacturing industry

Going beyond manufacturing plants, the Conversational AI platform brings cutting-edge technology to drive industry business process automation, supporting interactions internally and with customers and suppliers, to serve the needs of customers. market research, as well as production and business strategy planning.
Process optimization from production to
20% The world's leading manufacturers are applying Conversational AI in business and operations
25% Speed ​​up production and business through process automation
12% Improve the performance of manufacturing industry companies
Effective breakthrough Industrial production
01. Automate the ordering process

Easy multi-channel integration, the AI ​​assistant helps personalize the customer experience, providing quickly, accurately, and synchronously information about products, order status, invoices or other information. order receipt and cancellation, thereby supporting the automation of the shopping process, especially meaningful for e-commerce

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02. Improve production and business strategy

Not only supporting interaction with customers and suppliers, AI assistants can also export reports and analyze data on market tastes, needs and potentials, thereby, helping to improve product quality. and build a process to automate marketing and business campaigns on multi-channel experiences.

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03. Increased efficiency of plant maintenance

The AI ​​assistant is capable of automatically analyzing and providing synchronously all kinds of data and indicators related to equipment and the environment in the factory, thereby reducing the work pressure of maintenance engineers, as well as increase production efficiency.

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04. Supply chain management

The AI ​​assistant assists in retrieving and comparing data related to supply and demand, as well as stock status, thereby helping managers analyze actual demand and conduct inventory planning accordingly. fit.

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Choose to change the future Your Business

AI Chatbox Create an engaging and different customer experience

  • Turn everyday interactions into quick interactions with a response speed of less than 0.1s, personalized and highly informative, creating sympathy, increasing customer retention and revenue for your business. Karma
  • Make timely, relevant, meaningful recommendations and provide instant support across 30+ popular text channels, across mobile devices, websites or phones
  • Continuously improve the business scenario with a large-scale input database, the system is regularly upgraded by a team of leading domestic and international experts in the field of technology.

AI Call Center Drive revenue with voice campaigns

  • The platform for creating and managing virtual agents with large-scale processing capabilities, supporting up to 10,000 customers at the same time, 24/7, minimizing the resource costs of the agent system.
  • Respond and converse naturally with customers with multi-regional voice, enough male-female gender for businesses to choose
  • Create great customer experiences with quick response, request processing speed less than 3s

VinBase Virtual Assistant Stimulate demand with smart virtual assistants

  • Support to perform many tasks through voice, with the ability to recognize Vietnamese with 98% accuracy
  • Always helping customers, quick start-up with just 1 command and less than 0.2s delay
  • Natural voice, flexible response thanks to the ability to use multi-regional languages ​​in Vietnam, with 4 main options: Northern male-female voice and Southern male-female voice.
Comprehensive digital conversion with
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