Smart medical assistant
Revolutionizing the field health care

With intelligent medical assistants, medical facilities can operate more efficiently, serve a larger number of patients, as well as optimize operating costs and resources into specialized tasks.
Increased ability access to services
for customers
5.92% Spending on health services as a share of GDP
55% Healthcare facility executives agree that improving patient experience has an impact on their business
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Digital consulting

Once a healthcare question or concern is received, it's immediately resolved without the need to navigate call centers, portals, or wait 24/7.

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Customer is the center

Create a personalized patient experience through the information collected to recommend the right specialists/doctors or schedule optimal times for appointments and provide personalized schedules for patients.

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Maximize resources

Operating costs and personnel of medical facilities will also be reduced significantly, helping the hospital focus its resources on other activities such as treatment and research.

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Multi-channel deployment

The system can be deployed on many different platforms such as live chat website, messengers (Facebook, Skype...), enterprise mobile applications.

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The future of healthcare of Vietnamese people

Choose to change the future Your Business

AI Chatbox Create an engaging and different customer experience

  • Turn everyday interactions into quick interactions with a response speed of less than 0.1s, personalized and highly informative, creating sympathy, increasing customer retention and revenue for your business. Karma
  • Make timely, relevant, meaningful recommendations and provide instant support across 30+ popular text channels, across mobile devices, websites or phones
  • Continuously improve the business scenario with a large-scale input database, the system is regularly upgraded by a team of leading domestic and international experts in the field of technology.

AI Call Center Drive revenue with voice campaigns

  • The platform for creating and managing virtual agents with large-scale processing capabilities, supporting up to 10,000 customers at the same time, 24/7, minimizing the resource costs of the agent system.
  • Respond and converse naturally with customers with multi-regional voice, enough male-female gender for businesses to choose
  • Create great customer experiences with quick response, request processing speed less than 3s

VinBase Virtual Assistant Stimulate demand with smart virtual assistants

  • Support to perform many tasks through voice, with the ability to recognize Vietnamese with 98% accuracy
  • Always helping customers, quick start-up with just 1 command and less than 0.2s delay
  • Natural voice, flexible response thanks to the ability to use multi-regional languages ​​in Vietnam, with 4 main options: Northern male-female voice and Southern male-female voice.
Comprehensive digital conversion with
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