VinBase Chatbot

Automating the process of
care and attraction of

A complete solution that provides a platform for creating and managing chatbots, making it possible for chatbots to work independently without human involvement in most cases
10.000+ Requests to be processed at the same time
<0.1 second Response speed
100+ Languages ​​Supported

Recognize the intent and purpose of communication of cutomer

  • Recognize intents from user messages in a variety of situations (accented/unsigned and misspelled) with over 90% accuracy
  • Recognizes entities/objects mentioned in user messages with more than 90% accuracy
  • Understand customer context to provide appropriate feedback and business recommendations, handle conversation interruptions when seeing inappropriate or off-topic messages in the conversation

Perspective recognition and evaluate the quality of the conversation

  • Provide support services to identify customer emotions (positive/negative/neutral)
  • Automatically synthesize and evaluate paragraph quality conversation

Stay in touch with customers everytime, everywhere

  • Easily integrate over 10+ business written communication channels
  • Accurate, fast response in real time, 24/7
  • Multilingual support, helping businesses reach customers globally and scale business

Easy to install, Flexible customization and management

  • Optimizing customer experience, automating interactions, managing efficiency without having to be knowledgeable about program
  • Automatically statistics user data, process and export detailed reports in real time

Customer care overview

  • Combine resources from HR and AI tools efficiently with smooth auto-forwarding: Chatbots direct the conversation to a customer service agent or dedicated department on demand or within complex situations.
  • Automatically process customer data, extract information, care for and increase relationships with potential customers; then report to relevant departments to adjust the strategy and take appropriate action.
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